Teen Camps

Overnight Programs for Ages 13-18

Teen camp 2024:

13-14 and 15-18 weeks now combined!

Our teen camp represents the most exciting program we have to offer at River of Life. There’s so much to do we had to add an extra day, making teen week the longest program we offer. This year, to offer more flexibility, we are offering two weeks of 13-18 camp, bringing two separate programs into two combined weeks.

  • Teen campers get extra free time
  • The program runs Sunday-Saturday
  • Teen Camp is July 14-July 20

what is Teen camp like at River of Life?

Here’s a peak at the action

Affordable camping

High Quality, Low Cost

According to the American Camp Association, the rate for overnight camps can range anywhere from $680 to $2000 a week. At River of Life, we want to welcome more families to our campus. As a ministry and nonprofit, we keep our rates low so more families can send their kids to camp.

But lower prices do not mean lower quality! Our teen camps offer a full range of activities from horse riding, to paintball, to Archery Tag, and more. Our campers get to enjoy the full experience of summer camp all at an affordable cost.


  • July 16-22
  • Campers enjoy longer days
  • Program runs Sun-Sat