Camp safety

Staff Training

An Education in Safe Fun

We know that camp is meant to be fun. We also know that it needs to be a place for campers and their parents to feel safe and secure while having fun. That’s why we emphasize safety across the board here at River of Life.

At River of Life Camp, both Day Camp Staff and Overnight Camp Staff need to go through training before they start working with campers. This training covers a wide variety of practical, spiritual, and relational principles that we believe are essential to creating a safe and loving environment for your campers.

Everything you will read below is covered extensively by our leadership team as we prepare staff for the summer. We hope you like what you see. Safety is important to us – because we know it is to you.

Anti-Bullying Policies

Encouraging Healthy Camper Relationships

Bullying happens. It is a heart-breaking reality. But we want to do our part in preventing it as much as possible on our campus. At River of Life, our staff are trained in our anti-bullying policies – an initiative we have seen improve the quality of campers’ experience over the years we’ve had it in place.

We teach counselors how to watch for the subtle signs of bullying, and we equip them to mobilize all the campers under their watch and care to take part in preventing any form of bullying. We believe we can all be “upstanders” rather than bystanders. We believe that when we work together, we can stop bullying in its tracks.

Child-Safe Policies

Protecting Campers, Keeping Staff Accountable

When parents leave their campers at our camp, they are entrusting us with their physical, emotional and mental well-being. Never has the threat against children seemed so present. We make it our aim to proactively protect your campers once they step foot on our property.

Our staff are trained extensively in Child-Safe procedures that keep campers safe and keep them accountable. Policies are in place to keep campers out of harms-way throughout the day-to-day activities of camp. For example, our two-person rule means that no camper will ever be left alone with a single adult or peer. We care deeply and passionately about protecting your campers.

Activity Procedures

Maximizing Fun. Minimizing Injury.

Whether it’s the licensed lifeguard at the pond, experienced coaches at the rifle range, or the trained supervisor of the paintball course, we want the activities at our camp to be fun – but even more – we want them to be safe.

  • At the Pond – campers will undergo a swim test with the lifeguard before they can make use of our water facilities.
  • At the Blob – all campers are required to take the “blob” test before they will be allowed to use it.

  • At the Range – campers have to undergo an instructional overview of gun safety before they are allowed to shoot at the rifle range.
  • At the Paintball Course – campers have to follow strict regulations at the course, or their privileges may be revoked.

  • At the Horse Barn – campers must wear appropriate clothing and safety gear, and experienced supervision is present.


Caring Quickly for your child

As much as we do everything we can to make sure your child is safe here at camp, emergency situations are still at risk of happening. Because of the information you provide us beforehand in Health Forms and because of our well-trained staff, we are able to handle these situations with ease, quickly administering to your child the care they need. A trained Nurse is always ready to handle any medical emergency that comes up, around the clock.

If needed, the closest hospital to our location is North Country Hospital, which is about a 20 minute drive. When our Nurse decides it’s necessary, we can quickly and safely provide transportation for your child.