Youth Camps

Overnight Programs for Ages 7-12

Youth Camp 2023:

Two Programs, 3 weeks

Our 7-12-year-old youth camps are designed for younger children by gearing down games to fit their capabilities and by helping them comprehend as much practical knowledge as possible from relatable Bible speakers. We offer one week for 7-9 campers and two weeks for 10-12 campers (one of our most popular programs).

  • Our 7-9 Week is scheduled for June 23-June 28

  • We have two weeks available for 10-12 campers

  • 10-12 Week 1 is June 30-July 5

  • 10-12 Week 2 is July 7-July 12

what is overnight camp like at River of Life?

Here’s a peak at the action

Affordable camping

High Quality, Low Cost

According to the American Camp Association, the rate for overnight camps can range anywhere from $680 to $2000 a week. At River of Life, we want to welcome more families to our campus. As a ministry and nonprofit, we keep our rates low so more families can send their kids to camp.

But lower prices do not mean lower quality! Our youth camps offer a full range of activities from horse riding, to paintball, to Archery Tag, and more. Our campers get to enjoy the full experience of summer camp all at an affordable cost.


  • 7-9 Week: June 19-24
  • 7-9 Half Week Rate: $175
  • 10-12 Week 1: July 2-7
  • 10-12 Week 2: July 9-14

7-9 Week:

June 23-june 28

This is our youngest group of overnight campers! Because our 7-9 campers are young and many are coming to camp for the first time, we understand that homesickness is a real concern. To accommodate first-timers, we offer both a half-week and full-week option.

Please note that due to the age of this group, some activities – such as paintball and the blob – are not available during this week.

  • Our 7-9 Week is scheduled for June 23- June 28

10-12 Week:

June 30-July 5 & July 7-12

The 10-12 program is one of our most popular camps – and for good reason! Campers in our 10-12 group get to experience more of camp as activities like paintball and the blob come available to them. They won’t want to miss this step up in their camping experience!

  • We have two weeks available for 10-12 campers

  • 10-12 Week 1 is June 30-July 5

  • 10-12 Week 2 is July 7-July 12